About us

CAAN Wings Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
is an ISO 9001:2008 certified Immigration and Education consulting Company.

CAAN Wings Began Operations In Chandigarh And In A Very Short Span Of Time Was Regarded As One Of The Most Trusted Name For US Education.

Established in 1998, CAAN Wings made a deliberate foray into immigration consulting for countries i.e. Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Denmark etc. and student visa for USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Singapore and European countries, for providing a wider and unbiased perspective to our clients.

We had started with a focussed single product offering student visa admissions and visa guidance for USA only. Later on the product line was expanded to Student Visa services for other countries as well. Today, we take pride in being regarded as one of the few pioneer Study Abroad Advising Consultancies with unmatched expertise.

Migration is another area which became our Forte’ over the years. With a rock solid reference base of thousands of Migrant Visas to our company’s credit we are regarded as the most prudent company with transparent policies, expertise and integrity. Through our network of over 70 offices pan-India, we offer a professional and streamlined route to visiting, studying, migrating and living abroad.

Our Program Director Ms. Diamond Sodhi who did her Masters in the US, also worked with the international admissions in her university and later on professionally assisted students with their admissions and visa applications proved to be the perfect mentor those aspiring to study abroad. It was very easy for her to relate to the confusion, anxiety and the pressures faced by students who wished to study abroad and thus formulate a customized Study Plan for each student based on their individual circumstances and academic aspirations. Additionally, in-depth information about the “real experience of being abroad as an international student” was a huge advantage for her having the first-hand information of having studied, worked and lived abroad.


Ms Diamond Sodhi is a Masters Graduate in Business Administration [MBA] from Colorado Tech University in USA. After completion of her Master’s degree, she worked with the international admissions department of Huron University and got the first-hand experience of the challenges faced by universities in the US in recruiting genuine and bonafide students. Thereafter, she ventured into the field of visa advising and today she is an eminent personality in the field of Immigration and International Education, highly recommended and regarded for her unmatched expertise in Australia Skilled Migration.

Ms. Sodhi is on the panel of experts for legal immigration on Doordarsdhan and other media channels and has also contributed numerous articles to the leading newspaper dailies and magazines. She was also the Chief Editor of an immigration related magazine titled “Visa Matters”.

A creative side of her is seen in her perusal of her creative writing. She holds a post graduate qualification in Journalism in addition to having studied for creative writing program at the Stanford School of Continued Studies.

For over seventeen years now, she has seen the highs and lows of student visas and the immigration industry. Besides providing expertise in visas for Studying Abroad, Skilled Migration to Australia has been her forte for over 15 years now. Having come to the high point of professional acclaim, she now tries to blend her my surge for writing. She manages a popular blog by the name diamondsodhi.com where she blogs her reflections on life and on visa issues such as mobility of people to the foreign shores for studying, working and resettlement. Through her blogs, she brings to the readers qualified advice, views, analysis and resourcefulness on updated information, along with moot points on visa related issues that concern applicants in India at large.


An M.D. in Medicine and a Cardio-diabetologist with over 40 years of experience in the field of medicine, CAANWINGS was the brainchild of Dr Balraj Gupta, who successfully runs a renowned multi-speciality hospital by the name Rattan Hospital. His entrepreneurial vision led to the inception of CAANWINGS for the relentless pursuit of honest and transparent practices has made CAAN Wings one of the prime immigration consulting institutes. 

CAAN Wings enjoys a legal status conferred on it by the colleges and universities and immigration authorities of the countries across the world. And Dr Gupta's missions to give hassle free and risk free immigration service.

Our Team

CAAN Wings team comprises immigration experts, visa consultants, education counsellors and personality development trainers.

Immigration experts

We have a handpicked team of immigration experts who have the responsibility right from clearing your doubts about why, where and how you should immigrate to undertaking the initial proceeding of your case.

Visa consultants

Getting a visa is a very significant and sensitive issue. Our experienced visa consultants study your case carefully and prepare your foolproof document that stands no chance of rejection.

Education counsellors

Our well qualified counsellors offer long term and short term training courses to help candidates prepare for the exams.


They impart training on personality development, spoken English and essential exam skills that a candidate requires in order to appear for the IELTS and other exams and more importantly for interview.

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