Migrating to Australia becomes Easier


With the recent changes in the occupations list, prospective migrants have a great advantage now.

With the introduction of STSOL, future migration prospects for a number of candidates have upped. Since there is a Short-Term Skilled Occupation List now,  means that there will be timely revisions to occupations and ones which have been closed for a while might just open in the next update. This also means that new occupations could be listed in the very near future.  All major occupations are already a part of this list offering you a vital scope.

Additionally, the process of resettlement will be expedited. Your expected wait time for a final call on your visa is expected to be much less, saving you plenty more time to plan your move. Nominations too in this case are rapid.

However, if you are unsure, you are urged to finalize your migration plan soon as the changes to occupations are going to be quicker than before leaving us together with no opportunity to waste any time.

CAANWINGS being the most renowned name in Skilled Migration to Australia would assist you through the entire process of resettlement. In addition to your entire application progress being monitored by her, you will have the benefit of being represented by a migration consultant of unmatched repute and sound acumen for the Australian Immigration law.

You are encouraged to follow the links below for a glimpse into the experiences of our clients who are now happily settled in Australia on a permanent basis with families: http://www.caanwings.com/testimonials.html.

source: http://diamondsodhi.com/