Electrical Engineer

“ I am very happy that my visa for PR under subclass 189 has been granted and I got this great news before entering into the new year.”

Production Manager

“ I am very impressed with the efficient services of CAAN WINGS and would like to thank their entire team for getting me and my family a migrant visa for Australia, and making it possible for me to join my brothers living in Australia.”

Prodcution Manager

“I give all credit for my visa to CAAN Wings for the wonderful job done, and have no words to express my sincere thanks and gratitude.”

Production Manager

“CAAN Wings made my dream of migrating to Australia possible for me when other consultants told me that my experience will not be considered as I work for a factory owned by my brother. I am very happy with the expertise and knowledge of CAAN Wings who gave me good guidance and helped me get my visa.”

Records Manager

I am thrilled about getting my visa. All Thanks to CAAN Wings and their perfect documentation and excellent guidance.”

Hotel Manager

I had been referred to CAAN Wings by my friend who migrated through them last year and applied through them immediately. I am very excited that I too got my visa like them and the entire journey with CAAN Wings was very smooth.”

Financial Institution Branch Manager

“I am very thankful to CAAN Wings and Ms. Diamond for her confidence in my case as there was a bit of complication in my case which she handled very professionally and made the visa application process so simple for me.”

Real Estate

I am simply thrilled as I PR Visa for Australia super-fast. Everything happened so quickly that I was dazed! My state nomination was approved in 24 hours and my visa was granted within 40 days of lodgment. I am indebted to CAAN Wings for the excellent services provided by them and ensuring such a smooth and quick processing of my case.


I had contacted Diamond Mam two years ago and she flatly refused to take my case as she said I was not eligible as yet. She asked me to contact after a couple of years. When I applied my case through CAAN Wings, a lot of people told me that legal professionals are not eligible for Australia. But I kept my faith in Diamond Mam as I knew she would not take a case that was not eligible. When I go my assessment as positive, I recommended two more friends to CAAN Wings. And within a span of 15 days in January these years, visas for all three of us have been granted. I would only recommend CAAN Wings to anyone seeking Skilled Migration to Australia.


I am very thankful to CAAN Wings and their Team for a Great Job! I entrusted my case with Diamond , for whom I had got great recommendations from sources other than my friends, before I signed up. They’ve lived up to the expectations totally. Smashing Job! Can’t Thank them enough!! I wish them great success this year and all the years to come.

Travel Agency Manager

I had applied for Australian Migration through CAAN Wings’ Delhi office. My experience was a wonderful one. I along with my family got our Skilled Sponsored visa through the able guidance of CAAN Wings. I work in a family owned travel agency and was not sure whether the Australian authorities would consider my experience but everything worked out for us very well. We are glad to have chosen CAAN Wings.

Mechanical Engineer

I got my PR through CAAN Wings. My case was a bit complicated. Thanks to CAAN Wings for their most accurate assessment of my eligibility and their technical expertise in seeing my visa through. There was a point of time when my visa officer got a bit confused about my eligibility but CAAN Wings confidently responded to the additional documents’ request by the Visa Officer and helped me get my visa. I am not sure if my visa could have been seen through had I engaged a consultancy not as professional as CAAN Wings.

Marketing Specialist

I am very thankful to CAAN Wings for their wonderful assistance in helping me get my migrant visa for Australia. At one stage the Case officer had expressed some concerns about proceeding further with my application owing to some complexity in my personal circumstances but CAAN Wings guided me on those issues and my Case Officer was satisfied and finally granted my visa. I can confidently say that CAAN Wings’ s expertise is far better than the expertise of any other consultant in India or even Australia.

Medical Representative

I am so thrilled that my visa has been granted and that I would finally be going to Australia with my family. I could never imagine earlier that Medical Representatives could so easily migrate to Australia. Now that I have the Visa Grant Letter in my hands, I know it is real. Great Job by CAAN Wings! I cannot thank them enough.

Health Information Manager

Everything went for me smooth and fast. My Skills Assessment was received in a month. My state nomination came through in a matter of days. But then I almost lost hope for my visa as there appeared to be some misunderstanding between my employer and the verification officer’s communication once my application was lodged with the DIAC. As a result I was issued an Invitation to Comment letter. I was terrified but was calmly explained by CAAN Wings to answer the letter with correct facts and evidences. They insisted that I have belief in the fact that my visa will not be refused by the Australian Immigration authorities on unjustified grounds and they assured me that Australians are very just and fair. And they were so right, my visa has been granted and I will be shortly travelling to Australia with my husband and daughter.

Contract Administrator

My case was handled very well by Ms. Diamond Sodhi. Right from getting a Positive Skills Assessment, to State Nomination as well as the Visa Application, everything was handled in a flawless manner. Timely updated about the upcoming changes in the visa policy and the shuffling of the occupation lists from time to time were conveyed to me. Sound advice was given to me most efficiently about the changes that could affect my application. Since CAAN Wings ensured my application was lodged before the fee hike, we also got to save on some dependent fee owing to the very timely lodgment. It was a great job done by them!

Graphic Designer

At the onset I would like to confess that I took a longer time in making up my mind to apply for Australian Migration than the entire process in itself. If I am to calculate the total processing time for the entire process at all the stages, it took just about 5-6 months. I congratulate CAAN Wings for the very professional and efficient approach to my case throughout. I did not have to worry about anything. I think anyone thinking of applying for Australia's Migrant Visa should apply through CAAN Wings as apart from their expertise and knowledge they offer consultative services to people only migration agents of repute and standing would be in a position to provide.

Software Engineer

I was in two minds about applying for Canadian or Australian Immigration, but with CAAN Wings' guidance I decided for Australia. I researched that the job opportunities and pay scale for IT professionals are far better in Australia than Canada. When I was told yesterday that my Visa had been granted I was numb. My documents had been sent to my DIAC Case Officer just one day before the Grant of my Visa. It is unbelievable! I strongly recommend CAAN Wings for their superb expertise in Skilled Migration to Australia.

Records Manager

"My entire process for Australia Immigration was completed in 8 months. CAAN Wings has provided us guidance on every step and ensured our case was presented very well to the Immigration authorities in Australia and in a time-bound manner. I strongly recommend CAAN Wings to all those who are thinking of applying for Australian Immigration as they are reliable, professional, ethical and provide great customer care to their clients.

Web Developer

I had applied to the ACS on my own last year and got a refusal. When I contact Ms. Diamond Sodhi in CAAN Wings she told me that I need to wait to complete some more experience in my field in order for me to be eligible for Skilled Migration to Australia. When I completed the minimum required years of experience, they took up my case and my case was very professionally handed at all the stages. CAAN Wings has on its panel senior technical professionals who assist with Engineering and IT cases. I am thrilled that my visa has been granted and I will soon be going to Australia with my family.


Our Visa was granted in just 8 months. The case was very well put forth by CAAN Wings at all stages, Skills Assessment, State Nomination and DIAC Lodgment. I strongly recommend Diamond Sodhi for getting the Immigration cases as she proven to be an Expert in the field of Skilled Migration to Australia.


I contacted CAAN Wings some time back, hopeless and dejected. I had used the services of an Agent in Ludhiana and after years of processing I was told that my agent has left the country and that no one in his office knows how to proceed further with my application. CAAN Wings took up my case from where that agent left, they charged me half of the amount I had paid to that agent for unfinished work and within days of their taking up my case our medicals were issued. Ms. Diamond Sodhi corresponded with my Case Officer in DIAC and streamlined things for me. We just received our visas on 14 August 2013. I strongly recommend CAAN Wings to anybody thinking of migrating to Australia as their professionalism is beyond expectations.


CAAN Wings in India handled my entire case while I was working in UAE. CAAN Wings was the first consultancy that was able to accurately assess my eligibility and confirm that Human Resource professionals are in demand in Australia. Everything went smooth for me and now I am flying off to Australia with my family on 11th May 2013.


It would be difficult to summarize my experience with CAAN Wings in a short testimonial here. As soon as I was informed about my visa grant letter I sat on my computer and wrote a long email to CAAN Wings going through my journey with them. I am so glad I processed my case through them and they been very supportive, attentive and demonstrated superior expertise throughout the case processing. For details on my wonderful experience with them you can refer to my email to CAAN Wings I wrote after the grant of my visa.


When I registered with CAAN Wings for a Partner Migrant Visa as well as a Visitor visa to meet my husband in Australia with the 309 application under process, I already had a refusal from Australia. Due to the wrong advice from a consultant in Australia I faced a lot of problem in my previous student visa application as he had submitted some false financial document with my application. Due to this the Australian Embassy was looking at my case for a Visitor Visa [and I had been refused a visitor visa earlier as well] negatively. But Diamond Mam gave me the courage to confess to the Australian Embassy about what happened, how the consultant in Australia charged me a large sum of money and how I fell in the trap. She assured me that by telling the truth things could only get better for me and could not get any worse than what they already were. I was very scared about making this confession, but she encouraged me to take the bold step and be truthful to them. And I was shocked! I got my Visitor Visa within a few days of my confession to them. And now my Partner Migrant application has also been approved!!


Our son migrated to Australia through CAAN Wings 3 years ago. When he came to India he insisted that he wanted us to visit him in Australia. We made an application through CAAN Wings. The application reached the Australian High Commission in New Delhi at 10:40 am on 24 April 2013 and at 12:13 my son who was at the New Delhi airport leaving for Australia got a call from CAAN Wings office that our visas had been granted, in about 26 hours! We had asked for single entry 3-month visa and we got a one-year multiple entry visa. We are very thankful to CAAN Wings for helping us get a visa to visit our son.


I was told by other consultants that I am not eligible for Australian Immigration but CAAN Wings told me that my occupation was eligible. And within seven and a half months I have a visa to testify CAAN Wings’ knowledge and expertise.”


“It was long journey from being a Hairdresser to a Salon Manager. I had lost hope of getting a visa as people had been demoralizing me a lot saying that Australia does not give visa to Hairdressers any more, but look what happened…CAAN Wings surprised me with my PR Visa!!”


I had applied for PR to Australia but then went to Australia on Student Visa. A month ago I got a call from CAAN Wings office and they asked me to send them an itinerary for travelling to India soon so that my case officer could grant me a visa [since I had to be offshore, out of Australia] at the time of visa grant]. I was thrilled and so glad that I trusted CAAN Wings with my case.”


“ My PR visa was granted hassle-free without any verification all because of the good work of CAAN Wings and perfect filing done by them.”


“ CAAN Wings was the only company that I found truly knowledgeable about Australian laws and I was right. My visa was granted without any problem. All Thanks to CAAN Wings who presented my case so well.”


I was surprised my visa was granted without any kind of verification. I am glad I processed my application through a good reputed and expert company in Australian Immigration- CAAN Wings. Getting the PR was so simple, I didn’t know.


“ Though my close relatives are in Australia, they insisted that I process my visa application through CAAN Wings in India because of the large number of people my relatives met in Australia who went their through CAAN Wings. Though my case was a little complicated but CAAN Wings applied their knowledge of immigration laws and with their guidance and meticulous filing process I got the Migration for Australia.”