Canada’s Popularity With Students From Punjab


The statistics on Indian students’ mobility for studying broad list the US as the top destination with about 47% of the total outbound students heading there. While Canada gets a 17% to the total share of the students the overall international student population rose up to drastically percent from 2008 to 2015, reaching more than 350,000, according to the Canadian Bureau for International Education.

Studying in Canada is nearly every Punjabi’s [North Indians in Punjab] dream today. How has this country come up to be the most popular destination for Indian students?

Some of the reasons for the popularity of Canada with students from Punjab are:

  • Canada is considered to be a very safe country to study in
  • Racial tolerance is higher in Canada owing to a huge Indian community in Canada
  • The cost of tuition is relatively lower from countries like the USA
  • The 20-hours work right outside the college/campus in Canada [as opposed to no work right to work outside the campus] during studies.
  • The post-study work permit allows students the lucrative work rights.
  • Opportunity to gain extra points for a path to Immigration.

In addition to these commonly observed reasons, some other decisive factors that have contributed to the popularity of this country with students from Punjab are:

  • The Canadian Institutions employ a strong marketing drive motivating the consultants/agents with incentives for recruiting students.
  • Streamlined and clearly defined requirements in terms of Funds, English proficiency etc.
  • An Interview with the Visa Officer not required, as in the case with the US.
  • Peer influence with friends choosing Canada over other countries.

For the above reasons, Canada retains its position as the most preferred study abroad destination for study Punjabi students for the last ten years.