Australia Migration for Bank Managers


[ANZSCO: 149914]

Financial Institution Branch Manager has been a popular occupation for those working with Banks, Financial Institutions and even Bancassurance/Insurance companies for that matter, for Skilled Migration to Australia.

This occupation continues to remain on the Australia’s CSOL for the last many years, owing to the persistent demand for applicants at a managerial level within the financial sector. However, this occupation is not listed on the SOL, which means that applicants nominating this occupation must seek a nomination/sponsorship [under subclass 190 or 489] from a state that lists this occupation on their state migration plan, in order to be eligible to submit a visa application with the DIBP. The option of applying independently under subclass 189 or routeing this application through a relative sponsorship is not available for this occupation.

One of the states that have retained this occupation on this state migration plan for the last many years is ‘South Australia’. This occupation usually becomes available for online application on the 1st July of each year. However, owing to a large number of applications and an annual quota for taking the maximum number of applications each year, the cap for South Australia is usually reached within 15-20 minutes of the application portal becoming available for applications.

Given a short window for lodging the application and technical expertise is required in ensuring the application is successfully lodged in time and is error free, CAANWINGS has a longstanding reputation for timely submissions of applications and achieving nomination approvals for its clients.

There is a likelihood of this occupation being listed on the state migration plans of states other than South Australia. However, managers or professionals handling the operational activities of financial institutions must ensure to have their Skills Assessments approved from the VETASSES in time to avail of the nomination opportunities.

The VETASSESS usually takes 10-12 weeks to process an application for Skills Assessment and the criteria for nominating this occupation has become complex and stringent over the years. CAANWINGS provides unmatched technical expertise in ascertaining the probability of obtaining a positive skills assessment for a professional intending to nominate this occupation. Exhaustive documentation suggested by CAANWINGS to its clients is based on the evolving assessment criteria of the VETASSESS. A positive skills assessment based upon documentation and description of duties for one with a positive skills assessment obtained earlier may not work for another applicant in the current times. Therefore, entrusting your application to the meticulous guidance will help you obtain a favourable skills assessment, and also ensure timely submission of the application for nomination in order to proceed to the last leg of the application process, the DIBP Visa Application E-Lodgment.