Make AUSTRALIA your home in 2016


"A Report by the Migration Council of Australia said that Australia needs to attract more skilled migrants in the order of 250,000 a year to boost the economy and sustain future growth. 


The release of the annual migration plan by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection [DIBP] on I July 2015 reinstated the country’s skills shortages expected to be filled up by overseas professionals. Australia has been a favorite destination for migration for over a decade now, with India being the top source of migrants. However, the skills shortages are filling up fast, which would affect the availability of currently available occupations over a period of time. If your occupation is listed on Australia’s CSOL now, it is time to take a step forward and apply before it is removed from the list. If you take the decision to take advantage of the favorable migration policy for Skilled Migration to Australia now, we will ensure the following for you:

• Assist you with the evolving Skills Assessment parameters which becoming more stringent each year.  We present a meticulously prepared case to the assessment authorities in order to fetch you the maximum advantage and points to meet or exceed the eligibility criteria.

• Assist you with ‘profiling’ your case in a manner that you are able to claim the maximum points for your eligibility factors so that you are able to migrate through a visa subclass most desired by you.

• Apprise you of the current trends and changes that can have a potential affect on your visa application.

• Ensure your visa application is successful as there is a huge cost associated with applying for a visa and any negligence can result in the entire fee being forfeited.

We at CAANWINGS, are approached by many aspirants for an Australian Migrant Visa who:


• Have either not been allocated enough years on the Skills Assessment outcome letter to score higher on the DIBP point test;

• Have been attempting the IELTS test over and over to score 7.0 bands in all four while their application could be forwarded with a lower score;

• Have not been able to take advantage of the state nomination applications that become available from time to time;

• Have wasted time and money on technical errors in their visa application which would catch the meticulous attention of  our Migration Experts.


But for those who chose us, we’d like to share with you what some of our clients now settled in Australia had to say:

ABHINAV KHANDELWAL,  Bank Branch Manager

I am very grateful to CAANWINGS for assisting me in getting my Subclass 190 [Permanent Residence] visa for Australia. I was not sure if I would be eligible for 190 subclass as the employment period stated on my Skills Assessment was for a lesser duration, however, Diamond Ma'm assured me that the period before and after the dates of employment mentioned on my VETASSESS Skills Assessment will also be considered by the DIBP. I am very impressed with thier expertise and thorough knowledge of the Australian Immigration Law.

I am also impressed with thier professionalism as their staff went out of thier way at the time the state nominations were to open up for a few hours early in the morning. I received thier 100% also after office hours to ensure I do not miss the nomination opportunity,


I was given the reference to CAANWINGS by my sister who migrated to South Australia through them a few years ago. She told me they were the only ones I could fully trust with my case. Everything went very smoothly in my case but in the end, a serious complication arose. The DIBP had called up my school and received some dissatisfactory information related to my employment and sent me a letter raising some integrity concerns. I was very worried but Diamond Ma'm was very confident about my case and guided me on the documents and explanations I could submit to prove the genuinity of my employment. After the grant of my visa, I realized her confidence came out her knowledge and experience in evaluating the migration cases for Australia. I'm very thankful to CAANWINGS!

SANDEEP KAUR BAJWAAssistant Librarian

I want to thank CAANWINGS from the core of my heart in helping me get my migrant visa for Australia. They gave us great support throughout any queries the immigration authorities raised and provided very professional services to us. I am glad I took the decision to apply through CAANWINGS as I do not think any other consultant in the region has such great expertise in resolving the complexities of our case. 

 BHAWNA NARANG, Electrical Engineer

I am very happy with services of CAANWINGS. Despite my having very limited experience in engineering [about a little over one year] they assisted me in getting the Permanent Residence for Australia. They guided me to take PTE [Academic] and I scored equivalent of 8.0 bands in each section and qualified for subclass 189 [Independent Permanent Residence]. Also a big thanks to CAANWINGS technical team for guiding me on how to prepare my CDRs for Engineering assessment. Thanks CAANWINGS for everything.


After a series of discussions with you, we understand your keenness and importance of migrating to Australia. While the skills shortages in Australia is a longstanding demand, the eligibility criteria for choosing an occupation to migrate to Australia may not be as relaxed as today! We have observed significant changes in the eligibility criteria, which may render an applicant ineligible if the decision to apply is prolonged for a time. 


A Lifetime Opportunity for Australia PR now awaits YOU! 

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